821 - Unsubscribe

I’m proud of my email inbox. I run a tight ship, so it’s the one medium in which I can be depended upon. I don’t miss emails.

Partly this is because Google’s spam filter is very, very good. I’ve been using my primary email address for almost 15 years now, and I basically never see spam. And on those rare occasions when something slips through, I can just report it and feel like a good citizen.

But even with the spam problem basically solved, there remains the “bacon.” The emails you knowingly or unknowingly signed up for by just being a regular person on the Internet.

For all of those, there is the almighty “unsubscribe.”

If I see something in my inbox that isn’t useful or interesting enough to justify itself, I am aggressive about unsubscribing. New things will pop up all the time. Whether it’s because an app or company has inappropriately distributed my email address to one of their partners, or because I was briefly interested in some kind of service or software, there will always be new weeds in the garden of my inbox.

No problem. I’ll just keep finding the tiny link at the bottom, and it’ll be one less nuisance tomorrow or next week.

As I’ve practiced this principle with my inbox, I’ve noticed that it’s become easier to apply it to the rest of my life. What are the things that are failing to add enough value to justify the time they consume?