824 - Addicts

I believe there is a broad spectrum of addiction, or perhaps, rather, that there is real utility in establishing a broad and fundamental definition that covers the whole spectrum of addictive/compulsive behavior.

That way, the solution for a given addiction would depend both on that fundamental definition, and the position it occupies along that broad spectrum.

On one end, for example, would be the latest season of your favorite TV show, or that game you can't stop playing on your phone. On the other end maybe we could look at opioids, or alcohol.

I’m not going to pretend I’m qualified to offer a complete or comprehensive, or even terribly accurate fundamental definition of addiction. But at least part of the definition has to be a kind of learned powerlessness, or the loss of faith in one’s ability to control one’s actions.

No wonder the idea of free will has come under suspicion. We’re all addicts, and addicts don’t have a lot of strong evidence to support it.