903 - Things to say

It’s amazing how quickly I run out of things to say when I stop saying things.

Ideas worth sharing multiply with the sharing of ideas.

I took a short break from this blog — I felt like I needed a long weekend. And a way to break the streak of one-word post titles.

Done and done.

But then, when I thought about getting back to it, and writing another post, I seized up. My confidence shrank, and I second-guessed the whole premise of blogging every day.

“Who am I,” I thought, “to write a post every day?”

But then, thankfully, I remembered the truth. People who write have things to write about. People who talk have things to talk about.

Sure, there’s such a thing as bottled-up ideas, but they go rancid pretty fast, and then what are you left with?

I don’t really understand the alchemy of practice, but I’ve experienced its effects.

So I’ll keep going.